3 Language Learning Myths That Hold Back Prospective Language Learners

Misconceptions are common in almost every field and the field of language learning is no exception. If you’re trying to learn a new language by taking up Korean classes in Singapore or any other country of the world, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of at least one of these myths and started believing that it’s true. But, it’s important that you debunk these myths and get to know what the fact is as good communication is very critical to the success of global business. Here, we’ve debunked some of the common language learning myths that have been holding back several prospective language learners.

Myth 1: I’m too old to learn a new language

People generally have a notion that children’s brains are more flexible than that of adults, but this is purely a myth. It’s true that learning a new language becomes less natural as you grow older, though it’s undoubtedly possible irrespective of the age. In reality, many of the language programs are developed with adult learners in mind. So, you are never too old to learn a new language.

Myth 2: Foreigners will always have a foreign accent

It’s common to see many foreigners having a foreign accent speaking a new language, though that doesn’t imply you also have to be like them. With the right practice and persistence, even foreigners can speak a foreign language with a natural accent. Studying phonetics can help you achieve the right accent.

Myth 3: You can learn a new language by travelling to the country that speaks the native language

Many people believe that it’s easy to learn a new language by visiting the country that speaks the native language. You might learn few words or sentences this way, but it’s not possible to be a fluent speaker. Even if you live in the country for a few years, your efforts are more important to help you learn the language. On the other hand, you can enrol in a course in your home country and master the language. For instance, if you want to learn Korean in Singapore, pursue Korean classes and look for a native speaker in your country with whom you can communicate regularly and practise till you attain conversational fluency. Go abroad afterwards to just polish your newly acquired skills for fluency.

Hope that helped you to demystify the common myths of language learning.

Tips to Benefit from Stay and Play Package at Marine Life Park

Bay Hotel Singapore is close to the Sentosa Island, where some of the most exciting amusement centers are available. This makes stay at the hotel a sensible idea, so you can just hop along faster to the amusement centers and get right back when you are tired and ready to sleep. It saves time, effort and of course you don’t have to listen to a ear full from tired cranky children about the long trip back to the hotel. When there is so much, it is wise to stay close so you get to have fun at the amusement centers a lot longer.

The stay and play package at the Marine Life Park is an exciting pass to enjoy the wonders of life under the sea. Here are tips to benefit from this package:

* Book in advance and get to the hotel early, this will give you the whole day to enjoy. Moreover, since there is a late checkout, 4:00 p.m, it gives you another additional day, instead of being cut short mid-day. Use the additional hours to your benefit.

* The breakfast is complimentary for 2 adults which means that you get to tuck in well before setting out to enjoy the sights of the day.

* The package is inclusive of 2 passes to the S.E.A aquarium and a free transfer to Universal Studios.

* There is also a complimentary adventure cove waterpark pass for 2 adults. So if you want to keep your day filled with activities then this is the best thing to do,

* The minibar is well stocked everyday and is complimentary, so you don’t have to pay for your drink at the end of the day.

* There is a discount at the Street 50 restaurant and bar that guests can avail, delicious food at lower rates.

* A 24 hours gym access lets you burn fat and work up your adrenaline, so you don’t miss out on your daily workouts.

The stay and play package for the marine life park is a fully packed program, where every minute of your time will be well spent. The crux is to find out all that you are eligible for and to use the facilities on offer.

The Bay Hotel Singapore has tailor made this offer to suit guests looking for some thrills and comfort, all at once.