Types of Bands You Can Have At a Wedding

When you choose to hire a wedding live band the next question is what kind of band would suit the event perfectly. So here are all the choices that you will have when choosing your wedding band.

Instrumental ensemble

This is the most elegant form of music that you can choose in the form of a live band for your wedding. However, this can be a good choice of music for before and after the wedding ceremony.

Blues and Jazz band

These are the best choice for you to get the perfect mix of sophistication and a laid-back vibe to the wedding. These sorts of bands can also change their tempo according to the time of the wedding.

Latin Band

This is a go-to choice when the main focus of the wedding is to have a lot of dancing. This band will play high energy songs that are perfect to dance the salsa, samba as well as the cha cha cha.

Swing Band

This band gives the perfect blend of music when you want to have a glamorous as well as a fun wedding. This kind of music will keep the guests tapping their feet to the music and ready to go to the dance floor as soon as the dance floor is open.

Celtic Band

This kind of band is theĀ  best for an outdoor themed wedding or a wedding in the rural setting. This mix of melodies and jigs will help to make your wedding a memorable one not only for you but also for your guests. Even if the wedding is not Celtic themed the ceilidh or barn dance will really liven up your wedding.

Steel drum band

This is a Caribbean style steel drum band that can bring uniqueness to your wedding; they also play different instruments such as the soca, calypso, bossa nova and meringue.

Pop group

For an evening wedding with a disco, this kind of band is a very good choice. However, it may not be a good choice if there are many older people coming for the wedding as this band mainly resonates with the younger crowd.

Rock Band

Although this may not be your first choice for a wedding if you like rock music nothing else will satisfy you.

Reggae Band

This is the type of band that can be a good choice if you want to have a laid back informal wedding.

Things to Consider For Selecting Music at Your Wedding

Are you fond of the concert experience? If so, you may want a live performance of your wedding music. Moreover, if your mother is fond of drum solos, going for a live band will be simply apt for you.

Here are some of the things that you should take into account to choose a

wedding live band in Singapore.

Selecting the first-dance song appears to be the most important decision for your wedding

You need to tell your band to choose a song that will beautifully eclectic both of you as a couple. Try out some numbers before settling on a song that suits for both of you. In case you are in a dilemma, you can leave the decision to a professional live band to make the final selection.

Ensure that you love the music that is played on your wedding

The way your wedding takes place reflects your personality and tells your guests who you are and so the music should be chosen very carefully. How of your tastes differ as a couple and where are they similar? It is imperative that you talk these points and not down your thoughts on a piece of paper so that they can be communicated to your entertainment providers carefully (The ones you are researching about). Many couples tend to hire a band simply on the basis of recommendations. They do not do adequate research on what the musicians sound like. Even if they do match, what you aspire to your wedding day is not articulated properly.

Venue is important

While selecting an entertainment provider for your wedding, you should ensure to take into account your venue’s logistics a You can take help from your venue in-charge and find out what will sound good in that space. Also ask him or her whether there are any limitations with respect to the venue, like a curfew. Where the placement of entertainment should be done so that it is a success? In fact, the makeup, size, and shape of your venue space will ascertain the best solution for your wedding entertainment. These could be important queries while interacting with the entertainment provider you hired.

Your guests should be considered

Your party and the event is about the guests you have invited apart from you. So, you need to spare dome time about the type of music that will gel with all who are present in the room on your big day. A good professional band knows how to understand your guests’ requirements and resonates accordingly.

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