Singapore Staycation for Everyone

A fun vacation doesn’t have to be out of the country because there are a lot of things to do and places to visit around town. Especially that you are in Singapore, you really won’t run out of beautiful places to visit and exciting things to do. Later on, we are going to talk about staycation ideas that you could do alone, with a partner, with the whole family, or with a group of friends. Read along so you could have an idea on how to enjoy vacation without going abroad.

But first, one of the hotels worth mentioning for a staycation is Bay Hotel Singapore. The Bay Hotel staycation package offers many amenities, such as a swimming pool and gym that overlooks Sentosa Island. There is also a great variety of food served, and other reviews for the staycation so far have been largely positive. If you are looking for a good deal for a staycation you should check them out here:

Next, Jerlyn Ng is going to tell us about the 18 coolest staycation ideas in Singapore. Let us see below.

18 Coolest Staycation Ideas in Singapore

Who says you need a lavish five-star hotel to have a good staycation experience? There are plenty of affordable yet stylish hotels in Singapore! This list gathers some of the coolest accommodation options in Singapore which are going to be perfect for your next staycation, a great alternative for a weekend getaway without blowing your budget.

Plus, we’ve even gone down to these unique hotels and sussed out the entire staycation experience, from the hotel decor, to the plush and cozy rooms, down to the amenities and dining options, AND even things to do in the area as well! Awesome or what? All you have to do is take your pick!

  1. ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, Singapore

Nestled within the quiet enclave of Sentosa Cove, ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove is a contemporary resort hotel offering spectacular views of the yachts and the waterfront. Situated far away from the city, this is THE perfect spot for staycation-goers to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life! Read more here.

All these places are one of a kind. There are swimming pools and elegant rooms which all look and feel fancy. It may be pricey but it is all worth it. Next up, The Finder Singapore is going to share to us five best staycation ideas that are so good you’ll forget you’re still in Singapore.

5 Best Staycation Ideas So Good, You’ll Forget You’re Still In Singapore

You can still enjoy a relaxing getaway without putting up with the hassle of getting on a plane and clearing the lines at the airport. Try these inspired ideas for a super Singapore staycay.

  1. An urban getaway at Downtown East

Head downtown to this resort getaway destination nestled in Pasir Ris Park, as your one-stop spot for family fun. Check into an Amazonian Jungle or Underwater-themed room at the D’Resort @ Downtown East (from $120 a night). Then, get to the Wild Wild Wet theme park (from $20 for adults), which was recently expanded and has thrill rides such as the Ular-Lah super flume and The Water Works slide. Just for June holidays, check out The Whoosh, Singapore’s longest inflatable water slide. In the evenings, catch a movie in the Cathay Cineplex at E!Hub @ Downtown East, or go to Orchid Bowl for a little fr-amily competition. Read more here.

            We can now easily locate these beautiful places through the addresses and websites provided above. There are resorts, hotels, oceans, and islands. Now, if you are seeking for a romantic getaway with you partner, we also have something for you. Melanie Lim is going to give us 11 romantic staycation ideas in Singapore.

11 Romantic Staycation Ideas In Singapore for A Lovey-Dovey Weekend

Thinking of spending a romantic weekend away from the hustle and bustle of work life with your special someone? Look no further because we’re about to give you the 411 on the top ten hotels for a cozy, intimate staycation in Singapore!

  1. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

A 5-star luxury resort hotel situated atop a cliff above Tanjong Beach, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa completely redefines luxury and makes for the perfect staycation venue. A haven of tranquility and lavishness complete with gorgeous state-of-the-art amenities, Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa guarantees you and your partner an intimate and unforgettable experience from start to end. Boasting of exuberant guest rooms inspired by Jardin du Luxembourg and elegantly infused with natural elements, you’ll notice that French eclecticism is thoughtfully integrated into the decor, completed by the latest technology gadgets. A perfect room for a couple staycation is be the spacious Luxury Room, which consists of a beautifully chic interior, aplush king-sized bed, ensuite bathroom with rain-shower and bathtub, free coffee and tea and more! You can now cuddle up to each other – in style. Read more here.

Great! You can now have a romantic vacation with your partner that both of you will surely love and enjoy. Provided above are information of what you can expect when you get there. All these staycation destinations are suitable for anyone of any age that is why you should not hesitate to bring the whole family with you. Even the children will enjoy the beautiful views and exciting adventures.

What we Need to Know When Traveling to Sentosa, Singapore

One of Singapore’s main attractions is an island named Sentosa. It is where you could spend a lot of your vacation time on because it is guaranteed that there are a lot of beautiful places to see and wonderful experiences to remember. There is no doubt your time and money would be worth it because it’s not only the tourist attractions you could look forward to; the hotels are even so much beautiful and fancy. It’s like an all-in-one place because even your stay in the hotel will make you enjoy.

In article by Sally Webb, we would be able to know the activities we could do in Sentosa, Singapore.

Things to do in Sentosa, Singapore: The three-minute travel guide


Singapore’s Sentosa Island ( is known as The State of Fun. It’s full of hotels, luxury apartment complexes, sandy beaches with private beach clubs, golf courses and a deep water yachting marina. You could spend days here sipping cocktails by a pool and moving between attractions such as Madame Tussaud’s and Megazip Adventure Park. No Sentosa trip is complete without theme park time at Resorts World Sentosa, which includes Universal Studios and Adventure Cove Waterpark among other attractions. 


As theme parks go, Universal Studios Singapore ( is more compact than most, which makes it easy to explore in a (long) day. Its seven distinct zones include Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away and Sci-Fi City. Although there are regular parades and shows featuring famous movie characters, the main attractions are thrilling rides such as Battlestar Galactica, the world’s tallest duelling rollercoaster. The place gets packed especially on weekends so it pays to buy an Express Pass on top of your day pass to skip the queues. Read more here.

Wonderful! Sentosa is really a beautiful place. There are theme parks to visit, restaurants, hotels, and others. Speaking of hotels, If you are to visit Sentosa for a longer time, you should have no worries because there is myriad of  hotels near sentosa. I am sure that these hotels will make you want to stay longer.

Annabelle Lim, in her article below, will share to us six hotels in Sentosa if you want an out of Singapore staycation feels.

6 Hotels in Sentosa for the Out of Singapore Staycation Feels

We’ve all dreamed of that getaway to a magical land far off from this hot, bleary island. The only thing stopping us from jetting off is, of course, the feasibility. It’s either that passport we haven’t renewed, or the empty wallet that’s holding us back from that dream vacation. But wait till you hear about the travel portal Sentosa has to offer because your travel wishes are about to come true. 

More than just its iconic Merlion and Siloso Beach – from Miami to the Great Barrier Reef, here are 6 greater renditions of these sought-after destinations on Sentosa Island.

  1. Venture into Parisian garden settings at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa is strategically centred atop one of Sentosa’s tallest cliffs, giving you a bird’s eye view of the South China Sea, and setting you up for a breathtaking staycation. This weekend getaway boasts French decor inspired by the world-renowned Parisian garden, Jardin du Luxembourg. Read more here.

Wow! Those places would make you feel like you’ve not only traveled to Singapore, but to some other countries as well. However, if you are in a tight budget but still want to enjoy, NATASHA has some pieces of advice for you. In her article below, let us read five tips for a cheaper staycation in Sentosa.

5 Tips for a Cheaper Staycation in Sentosa

When we talk about staycations in Singapore, Sentosa is bound to come to mind. Just imagine: a little beach paradise featuring top-notch restaurants and several five-star hotels, not to mention a superb aquarium and a couple of theme parks – all just minutes away from the mainland to boot.

Seriously, what’s not to love? With all that it has to offer, it’s no wonder that Sentosa remains a top choice for staycations. But as any visitor to Sentosa probably knows, “cheap” things don’t really exist in this tourist hotspot. Indeed, Sentosa is also home to some of the most expensive hotels in the country, with rates that can easily run into the thousands.

Still, don’t be disheartened! Even if you’re on a tighter budget, there are ways of turning that dream of yours into a reality. So if you’d like to know more about how you can have a dream staycay without burning a hole in your wallet, read on! Read more here.

Great! Through the tips below, we can still have fun even with a tight budget. It’s just a matter of preparation and inquiries. Now that we have read all the pieces of information above, we now know where to head to when we want to have a wonderful vacation alone or with your friends and family. It is guaranteed that you are going to have a good time because all the attractions and destinations are worth it. Even with any budget, you certainly would enjoy everything.

Luxury Hotels Should Offer These Facilities

As luxury brands and hotels continue expanding at a rapid pace, some of you must be wondering what the real meaning of luxury living in hotels is. After all, there are very few people who do not nurture a desire of putting up at one of the luxury hotels when they are on a vacation or during their official tours at some point or the other in their lives. But irrespective of how delightful a hotel’s decor may look from outside all luxury properties do not offer the same kind of facilities. That also signifies that all these properties are not created equal. In case you are planning to splurge your money on one of the fabulous properties, make sure that you get value for your money. There is a saying that is used in conjunction with luxury hotels quite often. It states that you may get everything for money within reason. So prior to booking a luxury hotel for your next stay, you should ensure that the said property actually meets the luxury standards for some of these must haves mentioned below:

Complimentary Wi-Fi facility

Respective of how fanciful a hotel or how renowned the property is, you need to find out whether it is offering free Wi-Fi facilities to its patrons or not. Ideally, most upscale hotels offer this facility within their premises absolutely free of cost. It is a fact that real luxury hotels are aware that they are catering to a certain category of guests who have clear cut quality tastes when they opt to put up at a luxury property.

The key reason why they are willing to drop hundreds of bucks per night is that they have an expectation that the hotel will cover the basic amenities to make them feel at ease and comfortable. They would definitely not like it if the hotel is going to charge them extra money just for checking their emails every day.

Round the clock room service

It may be difficult for you to visualize a hotel actually fearing 24-hour room service every day but it does happen. Imagine returning to your hotel room early in the morning r at late hours after partying hard and feeling famished thereafter. Wouldn’t you wish that your hotel offered you room service at all times? Alternatively, you need to move out super early in the morning on a planned tour but the hotel’s dining room only open after 8 a.m. in the morning. However, you must leave before that. A round the clock room service definitely comes handy in such situations.

Gourmet restaurants and well-stocked bars

As the luxury hotels emerged as a part of the hospitality industry in different parts of the world, they left no stones unturned to ensure that their patrons can savor some of the finest cuisines in their in-house restaurants and take experiences of a lifetime. So, staying in a luxury hotel also means that you will be privy to some of the hottest bar scenes and dining spots.

Whenever you are visiting a new place, it is natural for you to experience the finest dishes the city has to offer along with its other attractions. But a key perk of residing in a luxury hotel is that you can get exotic cuisines sitting right inside your hotel room. You do not have to spend extra bucks on hiring a car or try out the local public transport for visiting one of the best restaurants in that city. Imagine how convenient it is just to take an elevator, travel a few floors and enjoy food at one of the best restaurants in the city with the chefs all set to satisfy your culinary palette.

Spa and Gym

Today, the hospitality industry has understood the importance of a spa that has immense business potential. A luxury hotel intends to pamper its guests of both genders by relaxing in its well-equipped spa. Patrons can relax here as the personnel tries to make sure that they feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated and relaxed after going through various treatments and massages.

A luxury property also features a state of the art gym with different types of latest gadgets and exercise classes so that guests can maintain their physical regime even while they are away from their homes.

Lastly, the most important is food.

Every luxurious hotel should have a halal restaurant sentosa in order to provide a international cuisine to tourists of all races.

Types of Bands You Can Have At a Wedding


When you choose to hire a wedding live band the next question is what kind of band would suit the event perfectly. So here are all the choices that you will have when choosing your wedding band.

Instrumental ensemble

This is the most elegant form of music that you can choose in the form of a live band for your wedding. However, this can be a good choice of music for before and after the wedding ceremony.

Blues and Jazz band

These are the best choice for you to get the perfect mix of sophistication and a laid-back vibe to the wedding. These sorts of bands can also change their tempo according to the time of the wedding.

Latin Band

This is a go-to choice when the main focus of the wedding is to have a lot of dancing. This band will play high energy songs that are perfect to dance the salsa, samba as well as the cha cha cha.

Swing Band

This band gives the perfect blend of music when you want to have a glamorous as well as a fun wedding. This kind of music will keep the guests tapping their feet to the music and ready to go to the dance floor as soon as the dance floor is open.

Celtic Band

This kind of band is the  best for an outdoor themed wedding or a wedding in the rural setting. This mix of melodies and jigs will help to make your wedding a memorable one not only for you but also for your guests. Even if the wedding is not Celtic themed the ceilidh or barn dance will really liven up your wedding.

Steel drum band

This is a Caribbean style steel drum band that can bring uniqueness to your wedding; they also play different instruments such as the soca, calypso, bossa nova and meringue.

Pop group

For an evening wedding with a disco, this kind of band is a very good choice. However, it may not be a good choice if there are many older people coming for the wedding as this band mainly resonates with the younger crowd.

Rock Band

Although this may not be your first choice for a wedding if you like rock music nothing else will satisfy you.

Reggae Band

This is the type of band that can be a good choice if you want to have a laid back informal wedding.

Things to Consider For Selecting Music at Your Wedding


Are you fond of the concert experience? If so, you may want a live performance of your wedding music. Moreover, if your mother is fond of drum solos, going for a live band will be simply apt for you.

Here are some of the things that you should take into account to choose a
wedding live band in Singapore.

Selecting the first-dance song appears to be the most important decision for your wedding

You need to tell your band to choose a song that will beautifully eclectic both of you as a couple. Try out some numbers before settling on a song that suits for both of you. In case you are in a dilemma, you can leave the decision to a professional live band to make the final selection.

Ensure that you love the music that is played on your wedding

The way your wedding takes place reflects your personality and tells your guests who you are and so the music should be chosen very carefully. How of your tastes differ as a couple and where are they similar? It is imperative that you talk these points and not down your thoughts on a piece of paper so that they can be communicated to your entertainment providers carefully (The ones you are researching about). Many couples tend to hire a band simply on the basis of recommendations. They do not do adequate research on what the musicians sound like. Even if they do match, what you aspire to your wedding day is not articulated properly.

Venue is important

While selecting an entertainment provider for your wedding, you should ensure to take into account your venue’s logistics a You can take help from your venue in-charge and find out what will sound good in that space. Also ask him or her whether there are any limitations with respect to the venue, like a curfew. Where the placement of entertainment should be done so that it is a success? In fact, the makeup, size, and shape of your venue space will ascertain the best solution for your wedding entertainment. These could be important queries while interacting with the entertainment provider you hired.

Your guests should be considered

Your party and the event is about the guests you have invited apart from you. So, you need to spare dome time about the type of music that will gel with all who are present in the room on your big day. A good professional band knows how to understand your guests’ requirements and resonates accordingly.

If you like to get started with a good live band for your wedding, do contact