12 Things To Do On a Staycation

More and more people are considering staycation as a form of relaxation and entertainment idea. While they are not exactly cheap, they can be most cost effective than going for a holiday. Planning and enjoying a staycation on your local home ground can be easier than what you expect.

The following article post originally appeared on http://stylecaster.com/ and was written by Leah Bourne. 

Sometimes the best vacations don’t involve hitting up exotic locales that require 13-hour flights just to reach, sometimes it is a matter of settling on somewhere to visit where you can unplug, unwind, and indulge. While I live in downtown New York City, I recently took a staycation at the Conrad New York hotel in Tribeca (less than 20 blocks from my apartment). It was smack dab in the middle of the Tribeca Film Festival, and in between seeing some great movies (I highly recommend Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto), I made a vow to myself to basically do nothing for two-nights.

Hey, doing nothing in a lovely hotel suite with views of the Hudson River just seems so much more glam that doing nothing in my closet sized apartment with views of a brick wall.

Which got me thinking, there really is an art to the staycation experience. Here, my step-by-step guide to making the most of it so you actually return to your everyday life rested and renewed. I know I did.

1. Turn off your smartphone, your iPad, everything.
It isn’t really a staycation if you are going to stay totally connected to the world. Sure, you might be in your hometown, but stay off Twitter for a few days, don’t check your work e-mail, and behave as you otherwise would on a trip out of town.

2. Spread out and take a nap. 
There is nothing, and I mean nothing quite like perfectly pressed white sheets, and oversized pillows, to make me want to spread out on a hotel bed immediately upon stepping into my room, and take a nap. Don’t fight it, your on staycation. And remember, even if you mess up the bed, there is someone at your beck and call ready to remake it.

3. Treat yourself to dinner at a spot that you’ve never been too. 
The lovely concierge at the Conrad recommended Austrian restaurant Blaue Gans in the neighborhood during my recent staycation, a place that after all of my years in New York City I had never been to. A dozen oysters and veal wiener schnitzel? Yes, please. Don’t be afraid to experience you city like a tourist (albeit an educated one).

4. Trade your fancy duds for the hotel bathrobe. 
Fully stuffed (weiner schnitzel will do that to you) I wasn’t even about to try to dress appropriately. The second I got back to my room, into that plush hotel bathrobe I went. Seriously, why isn’t it socially acceptable to walk around in public in them?

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