Are Facial Treatments Good for Your Skin?

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Facial treatments are simple skin procedures that are aimed at taking care of the skin. Such a procedure may include one or more of facial cleansing, facial nourishing, and exfoliating. The result of all these treatments is that the skin looks rejuvenated, well-hydrated, clear, and fresh like that of a newborn.

Not sure what facials are? Read a definition here. No matter the form of facial treatment, they are all united with their common goal: to reduce or get rid of any imperfections on the face. No wonder many professionals in the cosmetic world will normally go for facials occasionally, to improve how they look and maintain the skin’s condition.

But the question remains that are they good for your skin?

The Big Question Answered

The simple answer is YES. Facials are good for your skin since the aim is to improve how the skin looks and the health of it. However, everybody’s skin is one of the things that make them unique. It should also be noted that many factors influence the condition of one’s skin. Some of those factors may include the environment, genetics, as well as an individual’s lifestyle.

That means finding the right facial treatment may not be an easy task at times because what works for one person may not entirely work for another person. Understanding your skin type may be one thing you need in choosing a compatible facial treatment for yourself.

Skin Types

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you have a wide range of options available to choose from when it comes to the type of facial treatment that can work best for you. Normal skin will automatically not react to any form of treatment negatively. One way to know if you have normal skin is if it does not get oily, flaky, or does not get dry too often.

Oily Skin

What causes the skin to be oily? This is because their dermis produces more sebum, thus their subcutaneous layer is filled with excess oil, which makes their face oily from time to time. However, there are facial treatments for them too. These treatments will cut through all the oil under the skin to remove the extra layer of fat under the pores. Most times a chemical type of exfoliation can be beneficial since it gets deeper into the pores.

Dry Skin

These types of skin get dry all too often even after repeated application of body cream. A deep exfoliation may not work for them, rather a type of treatment that focuses on moisturizing and softening.

Mature Skin

As the name suggests, these are common with older people and a lot of wrinkles are always present. Their skin cells have stopped producing new cells. A cosmetology specialist is best suited to recommend the treatment type for these skins.

Sensitive Skin

These are the skin types that are prone to getting more issues with any lapse in care. They are also more prone to allergies. Treatments of these skin types focus on gentle exfoliation and a lot of some useful chemicals.


As seen in this article, facial treatments are good for the skin. The various kinds of skin type have been discussed in this article as well as the right type of facials for each skin type. When asked certain questions by your cosmetic specialist, make sure you answer all questions asked as he will provide you with the best advice.

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