Benefits of Restylane Skinbooster Treatments

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Restylane Skinbooster treatment was first introduced to the market in 1996 and has since become popular in skincare for damaged and aging skin. Using topical moisturizing creams only work on the epidermis. The dermis continues to suffer from the absence of hydration, so you will never truly improve your skin’s condition if you don’t heal it from the inside out. 

Maintain soft, youthful skin even as you get older 

Unfortunately, as you get older, the skin’s functions are not as strong as when you were younger. This includes the production of hyaluronic acid, which helps to keep the skin hydrated. If you don’t do something about the hydration levels in your skin, it will become dry and consequently, start show signs of aging. 

Restylane Skinbooster treatment introduces hyaluronic acid deep in your skin to maintain skin hydration and deliver longer-lasting moisturization. This will help your skin to remain firmer, elastic, and radiant. 

Results will still be visible long after the treatment

Restylane Skinboosters don’t just work on the skin when you get the treatment, but the effects continue to be visible for months because the hyaluronic acid introduced into the skin helps with water retention.

The results remain visible because the treatment nudges the body to keep producing hyaluronic acid rather than depending on the hyaluronic acid being introduced into the skin externally. Additionally, the Restylane Skinbooster injections stimulate the fibroblasts to increase hyaluronic acid production, elastin, and collagen. So, the benefits are ongoing, even when the period between treatments widens over time. 

Reduced visibility of acne scars

People suffering from acne are often told to increase their water intake to clean the skin inside out. Restylane Skinboosters helps the skin to retain moisture, so if you have acne scars, they are likely to become less visible as your skin starts healing from the devastating effects of dehydration. 

Few treatments with lasting effects

When you first undergo the Restylane Skinbooster treatment, you get one treatment a month for three months. This is done to drastically hydrate the skin and stimulate the body to start producing more hyaluronic acid. This way, the skin can remain healthy even without the extra hyaluronic acid being introduced externally. After the first three injections, the next maintenance treatment will be after six months. Improved skin elasticity remains visible for up to one year after the first treatment is administered. 

The treatment takes a short time and is safe.

Restylane Skinbooster treatments only last about half an hour, with minimal downtime. So, you can get back to your schedule immediately after the procedure. You might have a few skin reactions, such as slight redness, itching, bruising, tenderness, swelling, and pain. However, these reactions are often mild and will clear after a few days. You can cover some of the visible side effects with makeup. 

Restylane Skinbooster treatments don’t affect facial expressions

A change in facial expressions is one of the telltale signs that one has had a cosmetic treatment. Some people opt not to go for aesthetic procedures because they don’t want visible signs that they had work done to improve their looks. Restylane Skinbooster treatments do not affect your facial expressions. Since the hyaluronic acid helps the body to improve the health of your skin naturally, people will only notice your radiant skin, since your facial features will remain the same. 

There are several advantages to choosing this aesthetic treatment over others. The fact that skin improvement doesn’t entirely depend on the treatment makes this an ideal choice. The cost might seem prohibitive, but since you don’t need too many treatments after the first three, it is a worthwhile investment. 

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